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Welcome to Ledgertec Website

Fast , Friendly , Powerful Multi-user Accounting Software. Similar to QuickBooks , MYOB , Peachtree etc. ATO e record replacement
FREE POLICY. Transaction based Price. Currently Users with Sales lines under 3000 p.a and Payroll lines under 1000 p.a are FREE.


Windows POS System

Special Features

  • Unlimited searching and sorting capability (any field in the database)
  • Hundreds of standard reports or build you own custom reports with Microsoft Reports SSRS (unlimited number)
  • Drill down reports to view and change transactions
  • Full unlimited Password System to all screens, functions and reports
  • Integrates with SupeRep - Catalog, Order Taking and CRM for Sales Reps By PEPPERI LTD
  • Email Customer invoices and Statements and any other Reports individually or via a Batch automatically or via default email Client Eg. outlook
  • Past transactions never deleted (unlimited history) (can deleted and archived if required)
  • Full IMPORT and EXPORT functions for all data
  • EFT to pay staff and suppliers just tag suppliers invoices to full or part pay at the click of a button then transfer to your banking program
  • Enter data into any period past, present or future. periods can be locked if required)
  • The program can grow with your organisation linking to any large client\server database without staff learning a new front end Eg. MYSQL,MicroSoft SQL Server
  • All modules (except payroll) link to the general ledger. No posting required.
  • Multiple Businesses
  • Foreign Currency
  • Perpetual OR Periodic Inventory System. Profit and Loss Shows Opening Stock plus Purchases minus Closing Stock to Calculate the Cost of Goods Sold.

Included Modules